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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Good morning...sorry i could not blog yesterday. It got to near 100 degrees and when its that hot you want to run and i hid at the beach and pool...played tennis etc etc.

Just a few observations...earnings were a little soft at TPP but i thought the stock held up well and in fact with the ex div yesterday its back to where it was before the news.

SXL numbers looked very good...a few pennies better and a distribution increase! Its the stock everyone follows with a hold rating. Maybe someone can take the chance and upgrade.

BPL posts today.

Its 6:32 am. After breakfast its fishing!!!


Monday, July 25, 2005

Hours of swimming and relaxing very stressful so i came in to blog!

VLI's numbers looked okay and now the distribution increase is official...3.42 annual as announced with the merger. Anyone listening to the conference call wants to post on it...please do and thanks ahead of time. Looks like this is a safe area to accumulate shares.

TPP numbers today after the close. Last two earnings led to nice rallies...hope to repeat here.
SXL up today after lingering around for days. Some of the recent leaders like XTEX XTXI and CPNO taking a breather here.

HLND should announce .45 cent distribution after the close today...anything higher and the stock could break out to new highs.

BTW the XOI has been on quite a tear lately...i would expect a pullback soon.

83 degree ocean is calling me...i must answer.
Good Monday morning to all. Its 6am and i just watched the sunrise on the shores of the outer banks of north carolina. Awesome! Ocean water temp is 83! Getting ready to run 5 miles this morning before breakfast.

Noticed some good posts over the weekend on various boards. Speculation on VLI's next takeover...CJ mentions PPX.

Meanwhile Valero has earnings this morning and conference call late this afternoon.

I will check in when i can this week.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

hi everyone.

I will be on the road next week so i will attempt to blog from time to time...depending on where i am and what kind of connection is available (if any). I will travelling through some remote areas where some peace and solitude can be achieved. Battery recharge!!!!


Friday, July 22, 2005

mostly fractional plusses with a few minuses here and there like MWE as mentioned earlier.

I'll be on the road this afternoon...i'll try and post when i can later.

After what looked like a flattish open OIL and Gas stocks are racing ahead this morning. Most MLPS now have fractional plusses!!

MWE down on disappointment perhaps over a flat disrtribution
no real stand outs this morning one way or the other...flat to higher seems to be the deal on a summertime friday
first off i stand corrected on MWE energy distribution news...they did not raise the distribution this remains at .80.

Also...missed KMP being downgraded by RBC capital markets

Oil and Gas futures are up this morning; s&p down. There is no stock specific news so far this morning.

Thursday, July 21, 2005



closing...XOM -1+ as XOI drops 10 and the dow -61.

Most MLPS down strong fractions to as much as a point...only a few managed small gains XTEX,XTXI,MMP,TYG and HLND.

Waiting for aftermarket news... will post if i see anything.
its you know where your 10 year note is?

Up 10 basis points on yield. Good idea always to keep an eye on the side mirrors and look straight ahead at whats coming. Just in case.

Most MLPS lower with KMP down the hardest (over 1) on earnings perhaps a shade short. VLI on the slide but could be putting a bottom in here under 200 day moving avg. XTXI and XTEX holding on to small gains.

BPL and TPP seem to be holding up well in here. NBP down after yesterday's gain...see saw week for this stock.

No headlines since PAA earnings expectations/distribution announcement. Pool Temp 88...need ice to cool it down.
PAA increases distribution to .65 from .6375

Also sees earnings in a range

Stock yawning.
Markets selling off a bit along with oil and gas.

KMP declining on line or slightly below...- .73
MMP gaining on distribution increase...+.80
APL flat after opening sharply higher

Otherwise its fractional pluses and minuses
Apparently missing estimates and the conference call were not espeically liked...KMP opens flat...there was an errant trade down 3 points. Good call by poster printteam as he too was not impressed!

APL continues to roll higher from yesterdays wachovia coverage

XOI opens -6 and XNG opens 1.50 ;markets overall mostly lower....but now coming off the lows

MLPS seemed to be mostly higher. MMP up to 34.90 on distribution increase.
Sorry i'm late this morning....i started to balance my checkbook and lost track of time.

MMP...distribution increase...again to $ 1.99 annual.

No other news to speak of so far this morning.

Good morning.

All quiet on the MLP front this morning. No news, no upgrades. Oil having issues this morning with crude down in futures trading.

Hitting the gym before the open,

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

a couple of closing notes. APL....Two 1000 share trades were reported at 18:30 at 48.50. I think these were errors...perhaps 46.50??? I perfer the higher but i'm sure its an error.

I noticed that FEN and FMO are both selling at discounts right not to NAV. This could be dividend related since they both just recently went X-DIV. (JULY 13 by 33 and 31 cents respectively). Food for thought

Its been a long day. I figured out that if i'm blogging and try to post on yahoo at the same time with a link i get an error on yahoo. So i blamed them in error about not being able to post. My apologies.

a long day is over and we'll see what tomorrow brings. Good week so far.

Anyone have any opinions on HLND. Chart pattern is similar to CPNO before it broke out...its up huge in the last 3 weeks.
knider morgan raises distribution to $3.12 annually from $3
nice rally in the dow as we had another day with a sharply lower open and a rally with a higher close...11k looks likely.

XOI and XNG leading the way...came from way off their lows again to close near their highs.

APL + 1.46 NBP +.99 PAA +.84...most in the group closed higher with a few exceptions but no big losers.
atlas + 1.88 and rolling!!!!
oil and gas stocks rallying again...well off the lows of the day...xoi was -11 now positive...dow has gone positive as well.
approaching lunch time....dow off 22...xoi off 7...xng off 3.

Goldmans downgrade was i guess a nice buying opportunity (thankfully i did not short this yesterday). NBP is up nearly 1 on the ONEOK news on it selling its oil and gas production possibility...but it did not indicate to whom. (see link provided from earlier post) . APL +1.23 on wachovia coverage (outperform).

Sometimes they jump big and sometimes they crawl up quietly. I like them both. CPNO XTEX and XTXI have been on a tear lately...but TPP & BPL have been very quietly inching higher...a little each day but definitely uptrending. Perhaps they might challenge there 52 week highs before distributions. Just a thought.
back from dealing with stuff. APL + 1.17 on wachovia coverage. NBP + a fraction so the news from ONEOK has a positive spin. Overall the energy complex is weak with the rest of the stock market. VLI may have made a tradeable bottom yesterday. Up a small fraction so far. Otherwise its fractional pluses and minuses. XOI is down 11 points so far and XNG is down 3+.
i have to run a few errands so i shall miss the open. I'll be back later this morning. No additional news to speak of as of 9:15am
I would like to ask all of you a huge favor. I cannot post the link to this blog site on the yahoo message boards because they will not permit it! I would like the word to get out that i'm doing this and i welcome everyone to come and join me. I trade all day and am finding this rather enjoying to do. We can share info and links all on one page. So if i can simply ask that you spread the word around the boards that i'm here...if you have emails of some of the posters perhaps you can send them my link!

Thanks to all of you


Enjoying my morning coffee after my gym workout and walked the dog twice!! Now to the morning news

First off...(yeah!!!) ATLAS PIPELINE (APL) wachovia starts with an out perform..should put a nice bid underneath it.

Also i did not get a chance to comment yesterday on ONEOK' s is the link and its implications for Northern Borders. Stock firmed into the close so we'll see if it is viewed positively for them. I happen to be of the opinion that there will be no distribution increase this quarter.

Kinder Morgan Earnings due after the close today with conference call to follow at 4:30pm Links posted on the link section.

Unocal backs Chevron bid....check news here and here
In my never to be humble opinion i think this is a good thing. I know the shareholder argument about getting the best price but its not a level playing field. When we can go into china and buy up companies then come back and talk to me.

Market looks softer at the open...s&p -4.70...oil firmer by 40 cents.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Strong finish here in the oils as buying momentum is spreading into the close. 1 point pluses in KMP, XTXI and strong fractional gains in CPNO,HEP,TYG and a few others. even VLI is finishing off its low...NBP not doing much down 1.40.

CPNO quickly dropped 3 points at 2:30 and then got those all back and more. Traded as low as 37.57...had an order at 37.40. Too some lose some

NBP down over a buck...fractional pluses and minuses elsewhere...Support around 50 and again at 49...this might be the catylist to take it there.

DOW UP 80 NASDAQ UP 13...XOI +3 XNG +2
a few observations...

the 10 year note yield has crept up to 4.24% Nothing alarming here and it could be just normal rate moves in a trading is my view that 10 years will not impact mlps unless we see a decisive move above 4.90% But it might be wise to put this on your radar screen.

NBP downgrade by goldman should have impact today.

Congress is poised to extend daylight savings time by two months...starting beginning of march and ending the last sunday of november to save energy. The news will cause a huge impact in the oil and gas markets...never will a yawn be heard so loud...Nice to know these guys are hard at work doing something really important!
i guess yahoo doesn't want anyone to know about my blog...i posted on the message boards to let everyone know i'm doing this and they deleted all my posts. I guess i'm going to have to figure out a way around this to let others know.

No news on the front this morning however we have an important downgrade. Goldman cuts NBP to in line from outperform. Goldman moves usually have impact so i suspect NBP will sell off perhaps to 50 or so on this.

Other than that its a quiet morning so far..oil down a few pennies...s&p up 2 ish
selloff occuring in CPNO....these like to sell hard and quick....have a buy at 37.40 (34 day moving avg) for a trade. Watching carefully

Otherwise like watching paint dry today.
I've added links on the side to oil, gas, and s&p futures contracts....24 hour trading with a 30 minute delay on price...5 minute chart

Monday, July 18, 2005

Market closes lower with MLPS mixed across the board. CPNO continues to surge over 40 as it increases distribution and optimism for more to come with Scissortail acquisition. MMP on its upgrade. Not much other news moving issues. VLI erodes more thanks to SMITH BARNEY downgrade of VLO...seems silly but these things happen.

XOI recovered a bit today from days lows.

Spent the afternoon at NYSDMV...a religious experience to register a car!

I'm off to the gym to work off tension.
thanks to Marilyn for info on Follow this link for sector performance. I will add this to the links section.
opec story moving oil prices today...hurricane having little impact
Smith Barney who in my opinion has probably the worst timing when it comes to upgrades and downgrades of MLPS..has downgraded Valero Energy (vlo) . This is probably impacting VLI at least right now.

I think VLI is buyable in here at these prices.
i've decided to add links to some of my favorite blogs. The anchoress is my favorite. There is something very calming about her blog...she is politically to the right but provides some great stuff and insights.

also instapundit is a great resource.
MMP opens up 68 cents...

I'm trying to get the hang of this blogging please bear with me and pass along any comments or suggestions.

Good morning.

I've decided to blog about mlps...this way we could all have one place to go to and just hang out..check the news...share news etc etc etc. I am trying to get the hang of this blogging thing so please bear with me.

Some news to share this morning in MLP land...Copano energy has raised its distribution and plans to go higher. Here is the link.

Magellan Midstream Partners was upgraded to strong buy from buy at Raymond James..2 very lovely link.

Martin Midstream Partners completes its acquisition of Martin link yet.

Hurricane Emily is crossing the Yucatan this morning and headed for the sw gulf of mexico and then to ne mexico (southern most texas on the northern most fringe) Impact on oil rigs should be the usual but nothing out of the ordinary. Perhaps thats why oil isn't doing much this morning.

MMP looking to open above 34

Looks like the Oil and gas group is selling off this morning although mlps seem mixed to higher. They're in a different universe anyway.

Earnings conference call links will be listed in the links section as they become available!