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Wednesday, April 06, 2011


The clocks of course are ticking for the looming government shutdown thanks to these bozo's in Washington who can't even agree that the sun rises in the east. Of course being the age of twitter you might want a twitter shutdown clock! Why not be constantly reminded of the time remaining. Markets don't seem to be too concerned about this as futures are pretty firm ahead of the open. MLPS didn't do much yesterday as we hover near all time highs and the new day will probably put us over the top at least in the early going. Rates are higher this morning and we will of course keep an eye on crude inventory numbers at 10:30am.

No news on the corporate side and no upgrades or downgrades.


Unknown said...

Frank Semple and Kelcy warren were both interviewed by Cramer last night.

Good visibility for 2 MLP's that aren't as well known to the general public (non MLP investors)

jcarroll1948 said...

Link, Obama threatens to veto funding for the troops:

Great Commander-in-Chief, huh?

RickB said...

Is there any reason why MLP's shouldn't be owned in an irrevocable trust?