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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Somebody just posted a comment that I should refrain from partisanship. My blog buddy. I write what I please. And for the record I voted for the Messiah!


Jim said...

I enjoyed your blog until you admitted you voted for this incompetent. Now, I'll have to wonder.......

Max said...


If it's any consolation I also voted for the anointed one. I did so based on Obama's campaign promise to end the war in Afghanistan and to save my son's life who, at the time was on his 3d deployment to Afghanistan. Instead "ending he war" Obama surged another 30,000 troops in a war we cannot win, and my son will deploy for a 4th time this October. In addition, Obama now has involved in a war Libya.

Like you, I am kicking myself for buying into his litany of lies.

joewxman said...

i have been a registered republican all my life but in 2008 i just could not bring myself to vote for McCain. If its any consolation, i live in NY where it wouldn't have made any difference anyway.