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Friday, September 30, 2011

You know your in a bear market when CNBC guests keep using the phrase " throw the baby out with the bathwater" which is so tiresome.

Interesing read on what just happened in Germany. It may not mean what you think it means.

Markets meandering around, lower by 100 on the dow as afternoon trading begins. MLP index down a little over 1 point.


Max said...

Joe - speaking of energy stocks, I just took a nibble at SLB. I sold 300 shares last year around $90.00 Currently at $60 and change, it looks like a buy. Then again, I could be wrong! Of course, I'm same genius that bought some commodity stocks earlier in the week that are still selling off.

joewxman said...

the tape just has such a heavy feel. I keep waiting for that capitulation sell off that takes everything down. End of quarter screwing around some stocks today. Exxon is up and COP is flat. SLB is fine long term but its the next few weeks and months that concern me..especially if contagion begins.