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Thursday, January 12, 2012


We opened up, then turned down, then turned up, then turned down again but not by much in either direction. MLPS were up..then down 2 pts on the index and then back to near the flat line. Energy stocks as a whole have been selling off for a few day as nat gas continues to implode to under 2.70. It seems that nat gas is dropping because we have so much of it that we are actually exporting cheap energy for others to use! MLPS seem to be suffering from rotation money moving out and into other things. The market is up 20% since the October low but we are about where we are since late October. So for all the movement we really haven't gone anywhere.

Most mlps are churning fractionally in either direction of unchanged as there are no corporate drivers out there. Noticing now that crude and gold are coming off their highs of the day. The Euro is up 1 cent against the dollar because apparently they had a couple of good bond auctions so all their problems are solved.

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