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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

MLPS are down over 5 points on the index and we are now below 390 and below the 89 moving average. The 200 day on the daily chart is down around 380. We have a flight out of interest sensitive stocks like mlps as well as pressure on energy stocks as a whole. The dow is down 100 points and nasdaq is down 28. The 10 year is holding around 2.18 and there is no sign of any flight to quality. This could all be end of quarter noise but we never really know for sure until after we get through it.

Lots of mlps are down 1 point or more like Markwest (MWE) which is down 2 as the biggest loser. Plains All American (PAA), Alliance Resource (ARLP), Cheniere (CQP), Oneok (OKS), Kinder Morgan (KMP) and Atlas (ATLS) are all down 1 or more.