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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Mlps are a little higher this morning thanks to dead cats bouncing in an overall messy tape. The stock market is now reacting to news of bank runs in Greece and the ECB threatening to cut off funding to some Greek banks. So its pretty much a mixed picture in mlp land with fractional moves in either direction and no real standouts. About the only supporting action is, in of all places, nat gas which has rallied 25% from the 1.95 bottom and we are now up over 2.50. Overall though the dow is up just 20 points after being up 60. Crude is down another buck at 92 dollars. Afternoon trading should be fascinating as the Euro obsession perhaps drives people to at least keep an eye on the exit doors.

Going to be college shopping for the next few days which is a frustrating exercise in picking out which school gets to suck my checking account dry. 

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