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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The bounce we have had from the push down to 350 last week has been rather unimpressive as we could only seem to manage a trip back to 365 and while the overall market attempts to find some sort of footing, the index here is signalling to us that things in mlp land are not all that well. The bottom line is the bottom and there is no sign of one here. The index is down today by about 1 point as it catches up from yesterday where the market started sharply higher and closed sharply lower. Sometimes it takes us a day to make things even.

Its all about Europe of course and there is no sign of that problem being solved anytime soon. In fact the action this weekend and the market's reaction to it are telling us that troubles lie ahead.

Sorry for the lack of posts but between work, family issues, and rebuilding a deck, its been really difficult to find the time to write.

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