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Wednesday, March 02, 2011


It really is amazing to me that with $100.00 oil and all the pressures on crude, we watch nat gas continue to just implode

As always here we like to us UNG as a proxy (BUT WE DO NOT LIKE TO TRADE IT!!!!) for nat gas and you can see that this is one ugly chart. The only positive we can even draw from this mess is that maybe its in the process of building some sort of long term bottom that has months to go. And believe me im stretching it here. In the end we have so much nat gas and we have a government who doesn't understand that its a viable energy alternative to buying crude from the nuts in the middle east.

MLPS have pulled back from all time highs down 2.54 yesterday and back under 380. These pull backs have been one or 2 day affairs at most lately and the bulls still have the upper hand here. Exterran (EXLP) and Western Gas (WES) became the latest to come to market and sell shares. This morning we have all quiet on the MLP front with no corporate headlines of consequence so far and no upgrades or downgrades. Yesterday's market sell off is not seeing any huge followthrough this morning on pre opening futures. ADP numbers were positive and bond yields have held the 4.50 level on the 30 year. The dollar is down this morning against the major currencies.

There were some MLPS mentioned on Cramer's Mad Money on Monday. Jim Cramer speculates on Warren Buffett buying a pipeline and puts 2 mlps on the spotlight. Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) and Enterprise (EPD) were put out there by Cramer as being "cheap" (whatever that means). The logic is that like a railroad Buffett likes things that move stuff from one place to another, like a railroad! Here is the video in case you missed it. Normally stocks do get a Cramer goose that doesn't last and the speculation did not set these stocks ablaze with attention.


Max said...


What do you make of this?

Duncan Energy Partners DEP
3/2/2011 10:14 AM EDT
Buyout of Duncan Energy ? by Controlling Unitholder Enterprise Products ? Causes Shareholder Investigation by Goldfarb Branham Law Firm LLP
Goldfarb Branham LLP is investigating Duncan Energy Partners LP (NYSE: DEP) due to the proposed buyout by Enterprise Products Partners for approximately $42 per share in Enterprise Products (NYSE: EPD) stock. If you are a Duncan Energy unitholder or have information about this transaction, you are encouraged to contact attorney Hamilton Lindley at 877-583-2855 or to learn about your rights and remedies.

joewxman said...

Don't you love how they line up with lawsuits left and right?? I think the market action in both stocks is telling you that this is pretty meaningless.