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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Getting messages about Enterprise Products Partners (EPD) being halted but i can tell everyone that there is no news that i could find. The stock right now is bid at 39.42 so if it opens at the bid the stock would be flat. I also do not show any trading halt. All the action the last 2 days could be because: 1. The market and 2. a rebalancing of the MLP index. My guess is its 2 and since we have now all these etf's and etn's in the group, rebalancing becomes a short term distortion, especially if your stock is the one with the heaviest weighting. Exterran Partners (EXLP) was added into the index effective 3/11/2011.

MLPS lost 7 points yesterday and got down to 353 on the index at the days lows. We have barely holding minor support at 360 so. 350 is important and the 200 day moving average is at 345. So these are all levels we have to watch here. Stock futures are pointing to a flat open. Crude oil is up and nat gas is up nicely this morning pre open. We're still all focused on Japan and the nuclear reactors.

Here is the latest video report on the reactor situation.

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