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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mlp gains eroding as selling comes into energy sector. Up just 2 after being up 4.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Maybe the cat ain't dead?

Got to say I was pretty surprised when I saw your Alerian chart. I knew we wer hit bad, but I was surprised at the magnitude.

That said, overall, I don't see interest rates rising significantly until deep in the year if at all this year.

My gut tells me, the margin increases on the commodities exchanges roiled that market and winners needed to be sold. MLP's were sold aggressively triggering margin calls for leveraged players here.

I think we are through that for the most part now. MLP's are doing well relative to oil and the S&P's today.

May is typically a bad month, but we can get some % points till the upside and still remain in the "bad month" category.

I'm still holding my MLP's. Did some tinkering in relative allocations, but I see no major storm clouds just yet. Passing showers to be sure. No Hurricanes that I can see