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Monday, May 02, 2011

More on the possibility of MLPS being taxed.

Dow up 11 points with mlps down 5.


Grant said...

I've got to believe the threat of taxing MLPs is overblown at this point. The liberal in me thinks it's probably a good idea, while the realist in me counts on the Republicans to be far too "business friendly" to allow this to happen.

Hopefully MLPs keep selling off. Seems like a big buying opportunity.

Max said...


By extension, Obama's bleating to eliminate 4 billion in oil company tax breaks will undoubtedly extend to MLP's. It will also exacerbate energy supplies in the U.S. as smaller, independent oil and gas companies will no longer be able to write off intangible drilling costs. It's all part of Obama's willingness to sacrifice our economy, jobs, and standard of living to embrace alternative energy which is, at this writing,k not economically viable.