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Thursday, October 20, 2011

I sort of get the fact that in this type of market enviornment, every sneeze and every burp by someone of importance is going to cause swings of a 100 points but really??? The dow was down 100 points and the Nasdaq staring into the abyss of minus 40 when we get a report that Sarkozy and Merkel are going to have a conference call and boom we're up 25 points on the Dow. How ridiculous is all this? Well i will say that we are setting up for a huge move of 1000 dow points one way or the other, that it will occur in a big hurry, and it will happen soon. I just wish i knew which way! The bond market i believe is telling is that there will be no resolution especially German Bunds which are back under 2% again.

MLPS moving with the tape. They were down with everything else after an up open. Nausea enduced tape action all the way around.

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