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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Watching the trading today, everytime we hit the top of the hour, CNBC goes to the greek riots and stocks sell off, the dollar rallies. Then the market rebounds and goes on the higher highs and higher lows. Not alot but noticable as we are at the point of breakout or fakeout.

The mlp index is up 3 points and the star is Sunoco Logistics (SXL) as it approaches 100 bucks. Its up fractionally at 95 and change. Otherwise we're seeing nice fractional moves higher in most members of the group.

Okay live from Greece and things have calmed down. Its 6pm there so they are either napping or having an early evening espresso.


Josef said...

I traveled in Greece last year. On an intercity bus, they had 1 driver, an assistant driver, one ticket taker and a ticket taker supervisor that checked the ticket taker. That's four employees for a bus ride. No wonder they're messed up.

joewxman said...

Did they at least get u to ur destination?

mike said...

The star today was GLP, which saw a 10% bump for simply maintaining the distribution.