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Friday, October 14, 2011

I seem to be batting 1000 these days. I've wrong every time! So much for the lean into the rally idea. Stocks keep moving higher. Short position keeps getting more painful! MLPS at the highs of the day.


jcarroll1948 said...

I feel your pain! I sold about 1/3 of my NRGY shares yesterday (NRGY is my only MLP holding that is down since purchase), and today it closed up 3%; should have waited. Any thoughts on NRGY you are willing to share? Thanks.

Max said...

Joe - A couple of days ago Fitch cut the ratings on seven major European and U.S. Banks. S & P has cut the credit rating on Spain and Italy. IMHO it's just a question of time before he head much, much lower.

joewxman said...

Inergy LP is a nice little company that has done pretty well until recently when the stock hit a wall at 40 and its been in a solid downtrend ever since. They do have an almost perfect record when it comes to payout boosts but the chart says something is going on here. Stress on the propane business? Is the yield telling us that a payout cut is coming? I think it might be better to stand aside here until the dust settles.