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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

BTW it should be pointed out through all of this rally that the bond market has been correct through all of this. While we rallied back to 2.40 on the 10 year after last Thursday but one had to ask what the bond market was saying about overall conditions with the 10 year at 2.40%? It was saying that the Euro deal was bullshit and that the economy here is going nowhere. So the yield rally is over and we are at 2% this morning on the 10 year. Looks like if it gets really ugly we might retest the September lows down around 1.70%. And the stock market is not going to look good if we get there.

1 comment:

Max said...

I wonder if Bernie Madoff has room is in his cell for Jon Corzine? What a POS. 700 million in investor's money is missing and the big money boys on Wall Street wonder what happened to all of the retail investors. All they do is gamble with each other with our money and haul down obscene salaries and bonuses. The game is rigged.