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Friday, November 11, 2011


Not much to say today. Dow up 250 as we head into the last half hour. MLPS only up 1 point on the index as it has underpeformed lately on rallies and down more on down days. Not sure if it means anything. Frankly not sure anything means anything anymore with 3% moves in either direction becoming commonplace. All of this is being down on shrinking volume which pretty much means that a handful of people are in the casino right now. Also the "world is ending-the world is not ending" trade shifting to not ending today as suddenly there is hope that Italy and Greece will solve their problems. The euro rallied big today which is the main reason why the market is higher.

I put the national debt clock on the sidebar just for laughs. Sunoco Logistics is up 1.50 and near 103. Its the mlp version of Apple Computer!

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