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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

As you know i don't often venture into politics on this blog unless its relevant but i had to post this Andrew Sullivan post about Sarah Palin demanding proof that Palin's 5th child is actually hers. He wants amniotic fluid samples,amnio resutls etc etc etc

Nothing will satisfy Mr Sullivan unless he gets to personally scrape her uterus. Hey mostl likely won the election...why not just leave it alone and crawl back into your hole.

No wonder people hate journalists.


Anonymous said...

Like many on the extreme Left, Sullivan has become completely unhinged.

The critical issue now is who will influence Obama (who does not appear to have strong convictions of his own other than in his own greatness and destiny). I pray that more moderate individuals will hold sway in his administration. If the far left takes control, watch out!

Remember, there will be no GOP counterweight to reign them in.


Anonymous said...

The last eight years have been a shambles, but the next four may be even worse. One thing is certain taxes are going up.

I don't get all the Obamalove going on, but clearly the American public has drank the Kool-Aid. We'll see...

Anonymous said...

If you learn anything from this election it is to never underestimate the collective stupidity of the US populace.

We are a nation of lazy slobs who always look to the govt to solve our problems. The Protestant work ethic is dead.

Mike Masco said...

looks like im not getting a job right outta college...

Anonymous said...

The most serious problem forthcoming will be the radicalization of the Supreme Court. We can live with more welfare giveaways, gay marriage, etc. But a failure of the court system could be the worst legacy of all this.
Americans are mad at the rich guys and want to punish them. Unfortunately, the will punish themselves worse.

Anonymous said...

Americans should be mad at their fellow citizens who don't pull their own weight and simply want to live off the hard work and achievements of others.

Socialism has failed everywhere it has been tried.

Anonymous said...

The investor class will need to watch out for the parasite class under Obama

Anonymous said...

"Socialism has failed everywhere it has been tried."

Yes, we need to get rid of soc security, medicare, etc.

Why haven't the republicans picked up on this. I guess they're big on socialism.

Anonymous said...

"If you learn anything from this election it is to never underestimate the collective stupidity of the US populace."

...or the posters on this board.