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Thursday, November 20, 2008

If i could only figure out which MLPS are down for the count and which ones aren't. Fortunes are made and lost in situations like this. Oh well!

No mlps are up...All are down...some are down big in points like Amerigas (APU), Alliance Resource (ARLP) Martin Midstream (MMLP) and Buckeye (BPL). Some are showing big percentage losses like Hiland (HLND) down 2 at 8. Some are sitting at prices (XTXI) that i never thought i would see (3 dollars) and it is now up a nickle as i type.

One of these days we are going to have another one of those melt up rallies where the mlp index is going to be up 20 or 30 points. The index is back over 163, down 9 and 5 points above its intraday low of 158.

Rallies are as always these days...where you can find them!

Heading up to see my newborn nephew this afternoon so i shall not be able to post. I'm also using a computer in my house that actually works! I will be off to buy a mac this evening.


Unknown said...

Thank goodness for this blog-I am a an ex broker series 22 and love the mlp structure-I am convinced we are looking at one of the biggest buying opportunities in history NOW!!!! Keep the faith! Bless you!
Steve in NC

HighEnergy said...

Listening to the RBC and BOA conferences the participants sound pretty war-weary but I'm quite impressed with managements' grasp of the current situation. Particularly impressive were LINE and CPNO. I'm listening to a replay of the MWE RBC presentation RIGHT now that discusses Marcellus.

Unknown said...

Well, whatever carnage is happening in or corner of the market, what seems to be clear is that the first 9 banks that recieved the Tarp funds are being slaughtered. The market has rejected the tarp plan imho as ineffective.

Considering that these 9 are essential for a recovery, Paulson ( and congress ) s a joke, and things are on hold for Obama, we're in deep shit.

As I Tyoe:

C 4.68 -1.72

BAC 11.20 -1.86

MER 8.08 -1.52

WFC 22.36 -2.04

MS 9.37 -0.88

GS 52.19 -2.99

JPM 23.10 -5.37

STT 28.45 -1.88


fullplate8 said...

I also listened to many of the RBC conference speakers. The Marcellus talk was interesting, but I was particularly taken by the prospective LNG glut coming to our shores.

Joe, it was a good night for you to take off. It wouldn't have been much fun recapping the day in MLP land.