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Monday, November 10, 2008

No shares of Markwest (MWE) have traded in after hours so far but the stock is bid 14.15... about 75 cents above the close.


Anonymous said...

US rig count hits 6-week high
US drilling activity climbed by 21 rotary rigs to 1,992 units drilling this week—the highest count in 6 weeks—vs. 1,801 working in the same period a year ago, said Baker Hughes Inc.

Anonymous said...

A little off topic; but, can anyone shed light on why Cheniere Energy Partners LP (symbol CQP) is yielding 35% (per Yahoo Finance)? Thanks, JCarr

joewxman said...

that is its yield right now! It continues to pay a distribution in here.

Constellation (CEP) is paying 56 cents and it closed today at 5.69 it yield 10%....per quarter!!!!

I would be stunned beyond all recognition if distributions weren't cut here come late January.

It is not a pretty world but we live in it!

Anonymous said...

I am relieved to hear the MWE results. As long as a dist. cut is avoided, I will happily collect the distributions. Eventually, distribution growth--and with it, unit price growth, will return.

I added more today--and am glad I did.


Anonymous said...

In view of the earnings report from MWE, i dont understand todays price action at all. I was bracing for the proverbial shoe dropping dance.