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Friday, November 21, 2008

Goldman upgrades Crosstex (XTXI) from sell to neutral. Stock is at 3 dollars! I guess this is a good time to upgrade since we've gone from 25 to 3 fairly quickly!


HighEnergy said...

Recent 13F filings from Goldman indicate they are liquidating their MLP holdings across the board.

joewxman said...

well at least we know who one seller is!

Bruce said...

Of course, such liquidations tend to cause others to sell, too.

This whole thing (and I mean the market, as a whole, not just MLPs) is amazing to watch.

It has become hard to even imagine things returning to "normal."


Unknown said...

It looks like at this rate there will be no banking system left when Obama takes office.

JPM down 12 %

BAC down 8%

WFC Down 10%

C Down 16%

IMHO MLPs and the market can't rally unless the banks stabilize.

BAC and Merrill seem to be the next crisis after Citibank.


I just have one MLP left, CPNO and it is just amazing the hit it takes every day.