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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Down nearly 9 points on the mlp index. The dow is down 236. No hope out of the abyss. Everything is getting executed. Citigroup is at 7. Microsoft at a 10 year low. Nothing is working. And that 8000 level on the dow is getting thinner and thinner but as of this post its still holding.

Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) is back to 30 and about to violate its October low. Oneok (OKS) down 3. Kinder Morgan (KMP) down 2. Atlas (APL) under 10 dollars. Atlas Holdings (AHD) under 5....etc etc etc etc.

Pretty soon gun stocks might see buyers!


jcarroll1948 said...

Maybe something positive. The S&P 500, in the last hour, bounced off 821, which is 3 points higher than the previous low of 818. Also, I missed buying a mining stock today by 2 cents (limit order). Of course, the day is not yet over. If, however, the S&P 500 does not break the previous 818 low and goes on to rally for, say, the rest of the week, I would consider than a real positive. Time will tell. J Carroll

jcarroll1948 said...

Oh, well! Forget my positive comments above. That crazy last hour of trading. The S&P 500 test of the previous low failed and a new low is in; 806.18. Adding insult, the mining stock did not participate in the last hour pull back and my limit order expired unfilled. Still got dry powder though, for that next MLP I intend to buy. J Carroll

Unknown said...

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