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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Atlas Pipeline (APL) earnings press release points to mixed results and the company is exploring a combination with Atlas Pipeline Holdings (AHD) among other options. It makes sense when you look at the prices of some of these GP's which are now trading well below their ipo prices. Buckeye Holdings (BGH) has a bid on the table at 17 dollars.

Off the morning lows of minus 3 on the MLP index as we follow the broader tape. Atlas Pipeline (APL) is at the very top of the winners list up 1.60. Also higher are Inergy Holdings (NRGP) up 1 and change. Fractiona winners include Nustar (NS) Copano (CPNO) Energy Transfer (ETP) and Global Partners (GLP).

Magellan (MMP) is down 1 and change as the biggest loser. Also down nearly 1 are Calumet (CLMT) Linn Energy (LINE) and EV Partners (EVEP) although note that the change in the nasdaq mlps may include the ex-distribution amount.

Market holding its own today after yesterday's gain. Volitility continues to come in which makes it easier to trade.

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