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Monday, November 10, 2008

Off the lows now with the MLP index down a little over 1 point. Even Atlas Pipeline Partners (APL) has come off its low now back over 15.30. Glory!

If you want to buy in a distressed market with your may get your chance soon enough as money arrives in accounts shortly...assuming of course you don't need the cash to survive.

1 comment:

fullplate8 said...

The drop in APL/AHD is stunning. I started buying APL on Oct 30 in the low $16's, but today I bought AHD in the low $8's, when its yield at the point of trade was even higher than APL's. That reversed slightly by the close, due to AHD climbing a few percent. It looks like APL will be acquiring AHD in an all-stock swap, and I expect a modest premium will be paid. Time will tell.