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Monday, December 22, 2008


Just 3 days away and in our house as is probably the case in many homes Christmas is a 2 day affair so everything is upside down around here. Wednesday is nothing but
seafood and singing at 3 masses. Beware of catholic tenors...we're very sensetive! But no matter. My suspicion is that trading for the next 3 days should be relatively uneventful with an upside bias. I would also suspect that there won't be many corporate developements and there are none this morning.So we have 3 charts which are continuing to build short term bases. Interesting that the Dow Jones Oil and Gas index is not going to new lows with crude and nat gas so thats an interesting divergence. Stock futures are a little higher and energy futures are a touch higher as well.

I just want to express thanks to those of you who bought some mystic monk coffee over the last few weeks...and to those of you who threw a few dollars into the tip jar. I really appreciate it very much! One thing i have found is that this Christmas for me anyway has been a much happier less stressful
buildup than the past few years. Its funny that the destruction of wealth has not led to the destruction of everything else! No one is starving for lack of food around here. Everyone is healthy. Its just so much easier this way. Mr Vanderhoff had it right. You can't take it with you. And btw if you haven't seen it , its Frank Capra's lesser known movie from 1938 which won an oscar for best picture and best director. Doesn't get as much play as Its A Wonderful Life but its a great movie for this time of year and also for the kind of year we've had.

1 comment:

Bruce said...

Two other great ones are "Sullivan's Travels" which was directed by Preston Sturges, and "My Man Godfrey" starring William Powell. I don't recall the director.

Happy Holidays to All.