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Monday, December 01, 2008


I certainly hope everyone's Thansksgiving was a good one. To be honest my mother in law seasoned her turkey with so much garlic that i've been firing bullets since Thursday! I can't handle food the way one handles it when you are younger. Certainly a little indigestion is in order this morning in the markets as we come off 5 up days in a row on the dow industrials and a pretty good week in MLP land.

MLPs on Friday actually saw some welcomed action in a few of the most(but not all) beaten down issues. Some large percentage moves occured in Atlas Pipeline Holdings (AHD) Crosstex Energy LP (XTEX) and a couple of others. Some laggards out there as well but i would suspect that rotation from day to day will continue as long as we are in some sort of short term uptrend however suspect that uptrend may be.

Crude down 2 dollars this morning. I saw a 1 handle on gasoline here in the peoples republic of the state of NY! Stock futures are down over 20 points on the S&P. No upgrades or downgrades so far and no headlines on the corporate side as of this post. The morning however is young.

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