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Friday, December 05, 2008


I don't know about you but if you asked me back in July that in 4 months oil would drop 100 dollars a barrel, nat gas would be under 6, and gasoline nationwide would be straddling 1.50 a gallon i would not have taken that trade. Drops in price yes but not to the magnitude we've seen. And as i have explained to many people that at this point the drop continuing is not a good thing. It is telling us the economy is circling the drain.

Of course there are those who point to "they" which is that group out there that controls everything. "They" drove it up...and now "They" drove it down! I often wonder when people espose "they"; what they are doing is implicating themselves. If they knew...and you know that they knew...then you knew! And if you knew and didn't go are a fool. Tough to follow isn't it! But then again you knew that. Or are you they?

Okay enough of this...its all about the employment numbers and they look to be bad. But yesterday's late selloff probably discounts bad to even very bad numbers. No corporate news in MLP land and no upgrades or downgrades. Energy is higher this morning as the complex shows a dead cat bounce. Bond yields continue to hover near record lows. All part of the new normal!


Unknown said...

Human beings worry too much-the other day while driving back from Fla I stopped at Exit 49 in Georgia on I 95 at Cafe Risque-inside were at least 9 gorgeous nude female took away all my worries about the market-the market can go to hell but there will always be demand for beautiful nude women!
Im so sick of the daily schlock-this country is cant take any pain-all they want us to do is consume and spend, yetr very little is made here...well, this dancers at Cafe Risque were MADE IN USA!!!!!

hanumanhojo said...

Given the drop in my MLP's, I can use some nude dancers opiate too!

So which MLP is a safe bet in a Depression? I'm liking STON more and more.

Bruce said...

STON is a great pick. People are just dying to get in.


Unknown said...

Lets sell everything and jump off a building, what a country of panickers