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Monday, December 08, 2008

Rally seems to be holding near or just off the highs. MLPS off their highs but still up over 5 points on the index.

Quicksilver Gas (KGS) is a noteable loser as it is down 1.61. The company is aquiring Lake Arlington Dry Systems for 42 million drawing on an existing credit facility. There was a time when this would have driven the stock price up by the amount its down. But i guess the market view is..."you are drawing on a credit facility in a time where credit is nearly unavailable?"

DCP Midstream is up 1.67 to 9 or a 22% gain as apparently on the conference call the company may have said the distribution is least for the time being. Posts on the yahoo message board indicate this but i have still recieved no confirmation. I have a call into IR and Media relations to get some info. I will post if i hear something.

Nustar (NS) is up 3. Natural Resource Partners (NRP) is up 2. And we have a fair number of 1 point plus winners.

Since i've been typing more buyers have arrived in mlp land as we head toward the highs of the day. Dow approaching 9k.

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