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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


We've gotten everything out of the way now that the fed is done..Goldman is done. All that's left is for OPEC to announce its production cut that the energy markets will probably not believe anyway since these guys talk a tough game and then cheat anyway. Crude was higher this morning earlier but is now down again about 20 cents with a 43 handle. Looks like we could test the 40 dollar level in there. Energy equities however more than likely will attach themselves to whatever the overall market does. This morning we see weakness there in futures after yesterday's big gains. But that could be just the opening ticks as the market appears to be in rally mode as a whole. Volatility continues to slowly come in with the VIX down to 52. MLPS are continuing to operate in an enviornment where there is little developing on the corporate side. No upgrades or downgrades this morning either. Year end pressures will continue in individual mlps that have spirialed into the abyss and unit holders sell for a tax loss. Of course its hard to imagine who has long term gains out there to offset the losses with...but one never knows. There could be somebody out there.

Finally this morning, here in the Peoples Republic of the State of NY our governor has proposed a budget which is loaded with new taxes and tax increases like you wouldn't believe including an obesity tax on non diet soda of 18%. Lovely place to live here in this shithole of a one party state where no problem can't be solved. Just increase taxes. My property taxes went up 8% for next year and has put me at over 10k. I pay the highest energy rates in the country. I pay the highest gasoline prices in the country with the exception of California. I think its time to move!


Anonymous said...

Joe, come on down to Texas! We don't pay no stinkin' state income taxes! It's a beautiful thing...


Bruce said...

No sales tax in Oregon!


SHK said...

No income tax tax in Floriduh!

Come on down!

PRINTEAM said...

Here in wonderful Piedmont,CA, just 8 miles across the Bay from SF, my property taxes doubled in 10 years to well over 10K including a school bond measure that kicked in this year at $1,000++
Want to move?

barney13 said...


If yu think property taxes are high in NY, try living in New Jersey. One reason our taxes are so high is that we have elected officials who act as if they represent public employees and not taxpayers. Also, we have to spend a lot to build jails for former politicians.