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Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Ferrellgas has done everything a company needs to do these days to get their stock price to at least not fall as much as everthing else in the mlp group. Record earnings, raises outlook! All good stuff and likely to be ignored. That is unless sentiment is improving enough to attract a few upticks. We will watch carefully.

The mlp index is still enjoying a headroom rally as we still have some room until the moving averages are reached. The dow industrials are in rally mode and if you believe the trading range that has developed, 9500 would be the top and 7500 is the bottom. Looks like the market wants to head toward the top of that range.

This morning we see a bit of a pull back from the 2 day, 4% per day rally in the dow stocks. No surprise here. No upgrades or downgrades but Freidman Billings is dropping coverage on Atlas Pipeline (APL) and Atlas Holdings (AHD). Both stocks were at outperform and they have....on the downside!

Watch for some individual moves in MLPS as we have the Wachovia Investment Conference this week and lots of mlps will be speaking. Here is the schedule of events. I think the most important thing any MLP can say right now is that the distribution is safe. MLP prices for the most part have priced in no distribution increases or cuts.

Okay i figured what the hell...go to the new format. I still need to make a few tweaks here and there but i think the new look is easier to read and gives me more room to do the stuff i do.

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