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Thursday, December 04, 2008

There has been a noticiable drop in traffic lately to this blog. Maybe its the post Thanksgiving blues. Or maybe its that sentiment is so bad right now that my readers have thrown in the towel. Maybe that means we are on the verge of a substantial rally that could hold for awhile. One can only hope.

It appears to me that the market sold off in the last hour to minus 320 as people just sold to get ahead of an awful unemployment report in the morning. So unless the number is an absolute disaster we should be able to rally. Futures are up right now. No after hour corporate developements.


lou said...

i think the new system to register
might be effecting traffic.

joewxman said...

you don't have to register to read the blog...just to post. But i suppose if some people can't post anonymously..they will go elsewhere. Oh well.

lou said...

it may be that the mlp group
is so weak, with little sign
of recovery, people are just giving
it might be a good idea for mlps,
if they can, to put out joint
press releases that they have access to funds to refinance their dept.

something on that order might help
the group.
i did notice fgp has moved up nicely, not sure why