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Friday, December 10, 2010


Its that kind of day and in fact its been a pretty frustrating week for bulls and bears as we continue to ride in a very tight range. MLPS are up just under a point on the index. Nustar (NS) has been a nice winner this week as it nears 70 dollars and perhaps an all time high! Also up is Alliance Resource Partners (ARLP) as it sits just under its all time high. Most mlps are flat to higher by fractions. Not much excitement on the downside today so we head toward lunchtime in a pretty boring enviornment. There is a big move coming soon and the path of least resistence remains higher.

BTW many thanks to whoever bought the kindle and the printer through my amazon link above! And of course thanks to all of you who are doing their shopping through my link. And don't forget there is still time to do lots of Christmas shopping! I know my mystic monk coffee link is broken but i should have that fixed shortly.

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