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Friday, March 04, 2011


What to do when your stock price is at or near an all time high? Sell shares!! And we have seen mlps do that with force these last couple of months. In fact just about all of them have come to market with shares recently and thanks to the uptrend, if you buy shares on the day of the offering you will be in the money in short order. Today we have 2 more, DCP Midstream which priced a 3.2 million share offering this morning at 40.30 and the stock is down 1 and change. And E V Partners (EVEP) is doing 3 million shares this morning and the stock is down 2 dollars in the pre market.

Elsewhere in mlp land we have nothing on the news front which is a typical Friday. No upgrades or downgrades so far this morning. Markets are now chewing through an in line unemployment number and we have firm futures after yesterday's strong day in the overall market. ISM numbers are next at 10am for the bond market. MLPs closed up a point yesterday and the index is within ticks of new all time highs again. Crude is up this morning and continues to hold over 100 bucks. And nat gas...well ...its just the same old bearish story there.

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