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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Nat gas was a nimble play this morning. It ran on the inventory news and was able to sell out at the highs of the day on UNL (got the high tick) on most of my position but now we have sold off. Im debating about whether to jump back in with a point plus spread. But the overall market tape is feeling a bit soft especially in energy plus the bond rally thanks to Europe woes gives me a little pause.

MLPS not doing much. Flat on the day with the index down a little. E V Partners (EVEP) and Legacy (LGCY) are up on the upgrades and Alliance Resource (ARLP) is up one and change. But most of the moves are plus or minus small fractions. Buckeye (BPL) and Atlas Holdings (AHD) are both down about 70 cents as the two biggest losers.

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