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Thursday, January 06, 2011


RBC is raising its views on Legacy Partners (LGCY) lifting the target price to 34 bucks. and on EV Partners (EVEP) to outperform. EV Partners is showing a few trades at 40.30 this morning. Not much else is happening this morning in MLP land where it looks like a flat open in the group. Yesterday we closed a little higher and we are back to withing one solid push to a new high close. The slow melt up in the overall market continues with stock futures a little higher this morning. Jobless claims were about in line. Its all about the employment number tomorrow and i think the market has a good number already priced in. Crude is down ahead of the open and nat gas is up. Nat gas numbers out at 10:30am and i think that market runs on any bullish number. Also weather continues to show cold for the next 2 weeks.

My primary concern for MLPS remains rising rates. The 10 year is near 3.50% and i think the market will take notice if it solidly breaks through that level. Not much else happening this morning. The open looms shortly.

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