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Monday, October 31, 2011

Markets are down 140 on the dow and MLPS are down 2 points on the day. Most mlps are lower but there are a few exceptions. Nustar (NS) is up nearly 1 as it benefits from last week's better than expected earnings and outlook. It has been a chronic underperformer. And Sunoco Logistics (SXL) is up as it edges back toward 100 bucks. Otherwise its down across the mlp tape.

Reality is setting in that Europe has not even come close to solving its problems.


Max said...

It looks now as if the Greek voters, not the politicians, will vote for the latest Greek austerity plan. The latest proposed bailout is DOA.

joewxman said...

Absolutely D.O.A. and the markets this morning are voting,especially the bond market.

Max said...

The next financial shoe to drop will be when the Super Committee fails to come up with a budget resolution. Coupled with the Greek austerity referendum vote put off until after the first of the year, the much speculated year end rally is toast.