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Monday, November 03, 2008

As boring a day as we've seen in a long long time. The dow has been in a range of about 100 points instead of 1000. MLPS following along as the index has turned lower now by about 1 point.

Crosstex LP (XTEX) hovers around 10 down nearly 3. Crosstex (XTXI) hovers around 9 down 1 and some change. Cutting the distribution is the cardinal sin in this group. K-Sea Transportation LP (KSP) is up 2 and now leads the list of winners.

Markwest (MWE) getting the distribution cut jitters today as it is down 1.45. Thanks to Bruce for this link on more info on what Barclay Lehman sees as relative risk on some MLPS in 2009. Not all mlps are reacting to this and even the ones mentioned positively aren't moving higher necessarily. But it is something to trade on and some people are.


Anonymous said...

MWE has already declared an quarter to quarter increase of 1 cent. I think Lehman(Barclay) is selling off additional holdings. They probably selling ATN also.

Anonymous said...

I think the MWE dist. cut jitters relate to '09.


joewxman said...

yes..that is correct. Although if you look at the stocks mentioned in the report..they all moved in different directions.