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Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Now this is an early morning post so i'll be back before the open to update this but as of this posting the futures are sharply higher by some 20 points on the S&P and 180 dow points. I'm not sure if the markets are reacting to anything other than technicals...or maybe they are trying to tell us something. I have not revealed my choice for president other than to say that i will be voting with both on the lever and one to hold my nose. That said for those of you who want to follow the election Real Clear Politics is a place to start. I will be live blogging the returns tonight.

I will be back with the morning news items before the open.


Anonymous said...

Concur on voting with both hands. Because I believe in our right to a secret vote, I will leave this as Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong, don't you guys like socialism--which up to now has become extinct everywhere except in Europe and US college campuses?

Now we are going to bring this wonderful model back in a big way.


PS I am waiting for my health insurance and tax credits for people who don't pay any taxes. I just love free lunches, don't you?