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Thursday, February 10, 2011


Not to make too big a deal about this but we've had 5 lower closes in a row. But the move down has only been about 5 points from the top which is not exactly earth shattering. Still the upside momentum seems at least for now taken a breather. Weeks ago I mentioned 350 on the index as the important level to watch and nothing really has changed as far as that goes. Its a bull market until further notice however the chart continues to give one pause.

Down start this morning as Cisco System is getting murdered in the pre market down over 2 points and it is a dow component. Crude and ant gas are lower pre open. Rates are about even with yesterday's close as we wait for the 30 year auction results at 1pm. The corporate side is quiet this morning and the fire at the Enterprise unit in Texas is no longer having any news impact.

Finally this morning, you can't say you don't get the latest news on what Apple Computer is coming out with. It may help you physically on your trading platform!

Apple Fans Chopping Off Hands In Anticipation Of New iHand

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