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Friday, February 25, 2011


Weird week overall with the holdiay Monday and all the goings on in Lybia and like minded looney states in the Middle East. Still for all the turmoil and 100 dollar oil the market has only pulled back about 3% as measured by the dow and no uptrends have been broken so far.

And you would hardly know anything happened when you look at the chart of the mlp index which has barely pulled back at all and is easily within reach of new all time highs on the index. So for all the noise the market tail winds remain bullish.

Crosstex Energy (XTEX) puts up earnings and says that it has dcf to pay 26 t 30 cents per quarter distribution and an 8 to 10 cent dividned on Crosstex (XTXI). This may already be baked into this cake so watch for perhaps a little selling on the news. Otherwise its Friday which is usually a quiet day in mlp land. Markets are heading into the open nice and firm and oil is bubbling just under 100 bucks. The dollar is up against the Euro this morning. Nat gas is flat and still hovering at the bottom even though it broke below it yesterday for awhile. Bond rates are flat to a touch higher. No upgrades or downgrades that i can see so far.

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