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Friday, February 11, 2011


UNG maps out the plight of nat gas very well (don't trade it) and this chart which looked like it was putting in a bottom...may still be doing so. However the look is pretty ugly here short term as it has been straight down from 6.40 and it looks now we are having a full retest of the prior major bottom at 5.20 in late October. Nothing ever seems to work here and a break below could take cash at gas (which is around 3.90) down to who knows where.Everyone knows we have more nat gas then we know what to do with. Why oh why are we not pursuing this on a longer term goal on relief from crude oil dependence is really beyond me

MLPS are down 6 days in a row and it looks like another lower start today although rates are coming off their highs of yesterday. 4.80% on the 30 year and 3.70 on the 10 year are the new walls. Markets still don't seem to care and frankly MLPS are shrugging it as well. I guess nerves won't really get frazzled until we get to 5% on the 30 and 4% on the 10. Meanwhile this morning we have no news and no upgrades or downgrades so far. The dollar is higher and stock futures are a little lower.


jcarroll1948 said...

KMI began trading today with an IPO priced at $30.00. Currently trading in the $31.50-$31.75 range. Any thoughts on where it might go?
Disclosure: I made a small purchase.

Max said...


Any idea why APL has been so strong? It's up about 14% since the 1st of the year.

joseph said...

i may pick up some shares this morning. KMI has Richard Kinder and the last time KMI was around it went up 7 fold.

Max i think APL has been moving up ever since it announced last week they adjusted their hedges. I think the implication is that they no longer have significant exposure to commodity price movement.