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Monday, February 14, 2011


Its one thing to see a piece in the W.S.J. or Barrons but here is an MLP appearance in of all places USA TODAY! This of course is a concern since we are now appearing popular among the masses. The only thing more concerning would be something in the NY Times. Then we know the top is in!.

MLPS broke their 5 day losing streak Friday with a modest up close which all came in the last 20 minutes. It sure looks like a rounding double top is forming here but until we break 350 the bulls have full control. This morning corporate news is non existent so far. No upgrades or downgrades either so we trade with the overall tape which this morning looks flat. Interest rates are a little higher this morning. Asian markets were up overnight. The dollar is up this morning. Crude is flat and nat gas is lower. Nat gas is at the very bottom of the range and could be on the verge of another major breakdown if it doesn't reverse today. So much for the longer term bottom.

The melt up in the overall market has been pretty much unrelenting except for that little correction in mid November.
The rally from August 31 to November 15 was about 75 days and now we are 75 days from December 1st where the recent leg started. Its meaningless unless the trade works and at some point sellers will come in and take control. But after weeks of trying to come up with the catylist that will set this off, it appears that whatever it is...we don't know it yet. Rising rates didn't do it and Middle East turmoil didn't do it either. So whatever it is..we won't know it until after it happens.

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