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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Down three points on the mlp index as 10 year rates break out above 3.50%. Energy stocks in general are weak. Atlas Pipeline Partners (APL) is up 1 today...the company is adding to its hedging strategy and i guess that has some people happy. Volume is approaching a million shares here which is more than twice the daily average. Nustar (NS) and Nustar Holdings (NSH) are both fracitonal winners today. Otherwise most mlps are showing fractional losses except for EV Partners (EVEP) which is down 1 and Global Partners (GPL) which is down 1 and change on its stock offering.

Nat gas inventories were taken bearish and of course nat gas is down in the area which has held up recently. Crude is down less than 1 percent as we head into afternoon trading.

Btw the last time Richard Kinder did an ipo in 1997 it made you 10x your money in 10 years. The latest IPO news is here on the return of Kinder Morgan to public trading.

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